To apply for participation in the ICLP DC 2016, provide a submission package consisting of a cover letter, a research summary, and a letter of recommendation (e.g., from your supervisor). All material is to be submitted electronically, in PDF format, via EasyChair: (submitting your "Research Summary" in a single PDF, plus "Cover Letter" and "Letter of Recommendation" attached as a single PDF or two PDFs within a ZIP/TARBALL archive). Please make sure you submit to the Doctoral Consortium track as we share the same easychair page as ICLP.
All submissions must be in English. Submissions arriving after the deadline will not be considered. Your submission should not contain any proprietary or confidential material.

Informal Cover Letter

Please include the following information in the cover letter:

Research Summary

Prepare your research summary as a PDF document, using the condensed TPLP format.
Make sure to include your complete name, address, and affiliation.
The body of your research summary (no more than 10 pages, but 5 is fine as well!) should provide a clear overview of your research, its potential impact, and its current status. You are encouraged to include the following sections: The (camera versions of) accepted applicants' research summaries will be published by Dagstuhl Publishing in the OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs). Please format your research summary submission using the OASICS style file. The archive contains the latex files, example and instructions.

Letter of Recommendation

Include a short letter of recommendation written by your graduate or thesis adviser(s). Please invite your adviser(s) to give an indication of the current status of your research and of the expected date of thesis submission. In addition, your adviser(s) should briefly describe what she/he hopes you to gain from participation in the DC.