Welcome to DC-ICLP 2016...

  • Accepted papers and schedule now available
  • The DC will take place during ICLP 2016 in New York, US. It provides a forum for doctoral students working in areas related to logic and constraint programming, with a particular emphasis on students interested in pursuing a career in academia. The DC is also open to exceptional Master's students developing MS theses in areas of scope. The DC gives students the opportunity to present and discuss their research and to obtain feedback from peers as well as world-renowned experts.
  • DC-ICLP2016 is the twelfth doctoral consortium to be held as part of the 32th International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP 2016).
  • The DC follows the very positive experience of the previous events held in Sitges (Spain) on 3 October 2005, in Seattle (WA, USA) on 21 August 2006, in Porto (Portugal) on 8 September 2007, in Udine (Italy) on 10 December 2008, in Pasadena (CA, USA) on 15 July 2009, in Edinburgh (Scotland) on 20 July 2010, in Lexington (KY, USA) on 6 July 2011, in Budapest (Hungary) on 4 September 2012, in Istanbul (Turkey) on 24 August 2013, Vienna (Austria) on 20 July 2014 and in Cork (Ireland) on 31 August 2015.